iCollect Movies Pro- Use barcode scanning to view your movie collection like never before.

Hooked In Motion has integrated with leading barcode scanning software to create the ultimate movie viewers application: iCollect Movies Pro.

Grab it here: iTunes Link

Catalog every movie you own. Search right on your iPod/iPhone by actor, genre, format, and more to find the exact movie you want to watch at any time, without needing to sift through your physical collection or browse on a computer.

Here is a quick rundown of what iCollect Movies can do:

- NEW! Users can update and correct all data on our servers, including cover art
- NEW! Users can vote on correct data to be locked down on our servers
- NEW! Users can select multiple formats for one item (e.g. Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy)
- NEW! Title with Year association
- NEW! Season field when TV is selected for Type
- Sync your collection with http://www.icollectmedia.com/ and share with family and friends.
- Storage Location and Custom fields
- Scan in your movies via UPC using the built-in camera (requires iOS 4).
- Manually type in the UPC.
- Manual entry with no barcode.
- Spiders Google and our own servers for a cover and information about a title.
- If no information is present, take your own picture and type in the details and add it to our server for others to use.
- Use a picture from anywhere on the web for your covers.
- Use a picture from your Photo Library.
- IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes links
- Add it to your library. Sort by Blu-ray, DVD, or customize your filter bar right from the main screen.
- Tab badges allow you to quickly see how many movies you own.
- Sift quickly through your catalog using the index.
- CoverFlow
- Library view.
- Backup/Restore
- Shake for random movie.
- Sort without The and A option.
- Loan your movies out and keep track of who has what using your contacts list or custom entry.
- See movies you’ve never watched or watched a long time ago using the “Last Watched” feature.
- Entry for purchased value and date.
- Options for Actors, Directors, Regions, Audio, Subtitles, and more!
- Customs which information is displayed in your movie cells.
- Add a movie to a wishlist if you know you want to buy it in the future.
- Email out your wishlists to family and friends for holidays and birthdays.
- Already ordered a movie but don’t have it yet? Add it as a preorder. Add the release date as well.
- Incredible search capabilities. Browse through your library in a whole new way. Want to see all movies you have that star Steve Martin? Easy. Want to see all of your Japanese movies only? Easy.
- Video tutorial for help.
- A LOT more!

Change log:

Version 4.0:
- Users can now update and correct all data on our servers, including cover art
- Users can now vote on correct data to be locked down on our servers
- Coverflow has been completely overhauled
- Coverflow now works on all devices
- Users can now select multiple formats for one item (e.g. Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy)
- Implemented Title with Year association (e.g. Alice in Wonderland)
- Added a Season field when TV is selected for Type
- Movie titles with ‘ < > and & symbols now get saved properly
- Fixed many memory leaks that were causing slowdowns and crashes
- Users can now save their sync username and password via settings
- Added a search bar on the top of the Actors and Directors search areas
- Removed “No Barcode” button. Use “Database Search” if your item has no barcode. You can add it from there.
- Changed Import/Export to read Backup/Restore
- Added Serial, Disaster, Film Noir, Silent, Gangster to genres
- Added DVD-R, HD DVR and DVHS to formats and catalog filter
- Added DTS-HD 1.0, DTS-HD 2.0 Mono, LPCM 1.0, DTS MA 2.0, DTS MA 3.0 to audio
- Added Keep Case to Packaging
- Added D-Box to Extras
- Added 2.20.1, 1.75, 2.20, 2.76 to Ratio
- Added 480p to the Resolution list
- Changed Country to Country of Purchase
- Change Description to Movie Summary
- Moved BD-Live to Extras
- Moved Digital Copy to Formats
- Renamed Digital File to Digital Copy
- Added the “Review us on the App Store” dialog
- Fixed the ActionSheet not working when touching Cancel button
- Fixed a crash when trying to delete a movie in search mode
- Added the option to revert back to no star rating
- Replaced the word “Click” with “Touch” on the feedback screen
- Added new button graphics
- Added Device, iOS Version and app version to crash reports
- Now does a check for spaces and duplicate username/password on Sync
- Fixed title searching so it always brings back the correct titles based on text input.
- Updated RedLaser scanning to 2.9.2

Version 3.5:
Make sure you check out the new http://www.icollectmedia.com/ website!
- Scanning is now back for 3G users. (iOS 4 or higher required per Apple policy change). Switched back to RedLaser. Faster and more reliable scanning.
- Movie count badge updating is now fixed!
- Fixed a crashing bug that has to do with shake to select and coming back from a save.
- Fixed a crashing issue when changing the cover art after doing a database search.
- Fixed a crash that has to do with the shake to select that has been happening since the beginning.
- Added the “Y” back into the letter index on the side of the catalog view.
- Added German ratings.
- Added “Dolby TrueHD 7.1″ to Audio.

Version 3.1:
- All new scanning engine. Works with iPhone 4 now!
- Added high quality startup screen for iPhone 4.
- Fixed a bug where the badges weren’t always updating.
- Fixed a crashing bug on the title search.
- Fixed a bug with “Full Size Cover” displaying on the cell with iPhone 4.
- Added encoding to title and actor/director search.
- Added some code to prevent crashing in getAllCatalogItems in DataHelper.
- Removed duplicate genres.
- Added Reality genre.

Version 3.0 (6/17/10):
- Works fully on iOS 4.0
- Added new genres
- Multiple Genre selection with Saving/Pulling to our database
- Actors, Directors, Extras, Subtitles, and Audio now save/pull from the database (although DB is currently empty until users add the initial data)
- Users can now associate new items with existing movies to pull movie title, description, actors, directors and all other details automatically
- Scanning in a barcode that isn’t a movie and is in our database as something else will promote our other products to users
- Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.6.1 (5/18/10):
- Updated the RedLaser scanner to the latest version. This speeds up scanning, fixes some bugs, and more.

Version 2.6 (5/12/10):
- Added new check for camera on Wishlist
- Added internet and server fallback checks
- Added more genres
- Cross promotion now works on the iPad properly
- Added more extras
- Fixed a bug that was causing a crash when using shake to select with nothing in your catalog
- Changed the text on the duplicate actor/director pop-up

Version 2.2:
- Fixed a “Shake for Random” bug
- Fixed a “Never Watched” bug in “Last Watched” search results
- Changed the Google cover art searching to search by name and format rather than barcode
- Added a new Settings section that allows you to choose the type of search via Google cover art searching
- Other minor fixes

Version 2.0.1:
- Sped up going to and from movies.
- Backup/Restore wasn’t working
- Added a top level blank cell to the Loaned To section to help users clear out a returned movie.
- Crash reports need to go to support@hookedinmotion.com, and should include app name in subject
- Temporarily disabled CoverFlow for 3GS users while we fix a major bug. This should be turned back on by early March.
- Fixed CRASH -[ActorDirectorViewController tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath:]
- Fixed CRASH -[NSCFString replaceOccurrencesOfString:withString:options:range:]: Range or index out of bounds
- Fixed CRASH -[NSPlaceholderString initWithString:]: nil argument
- Fixed CRASH -[NSCFString objectForKey:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x157d60
- Fixed CRASH -[_NSIndexPathUniqueTreeNode row]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0xdde09f0

Version 2.0:
- Backup/Restore
- Loaned via Contacts list or custom name
- Added Actors
- Added Directors
- Added Extras
- Added Subtitles
- Added Audio
- Added Region
- Added Description
- Added Star Ratings
- Added Rotten Tomatoes
- Added Purchased Value
- Added Purchased Date
- Rotten Tomatoes Link
- IMDB Link
- Change cover image using Photo Library
- Change cover image using Google Images
- Shake to Select random movie
- Customizable movie cells
- Adult Genre Show/Hide
- Added CoverFlow (3GS only)
- Added Bookshelf view
- Customizable top format bar
- Search via Title
- Better exception handling
- Added Digital File format
- Fixed a bug where movies weren’t under the # sign
- Added Martial Arts and Adult genres
- Genres are now alphabetized
- Discs now go up to 100
- Added aspect ratios of 1.70:1 and 16:9
- Added more countries
- Checkmarks now appear on previously selected items
- Made a fifth Help tab
- More of the title now appears on the Info screen
- Fixed the height of the table view in the More Apps section
- Added a filter on the term UMD from Google Base
- Now checks correctly if the device has a camera or not
- Updated the icon
- Updated tutorial
- Changed support email to support@hookedinmotion.com
- Search on Last Watched, Star Ratings, Region, Actors, Directors and more
- Many other minor additions and fixes

Version 1.2:
- Added a “No barcode” option so users can now add any movie they own, regardless of barcode or not.
- Fixed an issue with the Wishlist not properly refreshing on save.
- Added a progress indicator when saving movies.
- Added a backup/export feature that allows users to email themselves a CSV/Excel file of their entire catalog. (Import coming in 2.0)
- Added an Auto Input function that allows for users to select what they would like the Add button to function as (Scan, Manual Barcode, or No Barcode).
- Completely refactored the code to prepare for the upcoming 2.0 releases.
- Much faster saving speeds.
- Scanning speed will also greatly improved once this update it out to most of our users, as the database hits will be much lower.
- Now allows for saving without needing a picture.
- Allows iPod users to select from their library of photos since they don’t have a camera (this feature is coming soon for iPhone users as well).
- The app now fully functions without an Internet connection.
- Fixed a bug where the title label wasn’t getting updated properly when changing the movie title.
- Fixed a number of other small bugs.
- Moved the unnecessary More tab and section to the bottom of the Settings area.
- Removed a number of features that weren’t fully implemented yet (such as some search functionality and server updates).
- Now has higher quality thumbnails and smaller file sizes for the full images.

Version 1.1.4:
- Added the version number of the app to the Settings header.
- Added the version number to all crash reports.
- Added “iCollect Movies” + version number to the subject of the feedback emails.
- Fixed a double-free memory problem in the Wishlist area.
- Ensured that the RedLaser SDK is no longer giving the “developer” error.
- When a user doesn’t have their email configured, the correct error message copy is now shown.

Version 1.1.3:
- Added the correct RedLaser SDK version so users can scan in more than 25 movies without an error.

Version 1.1.2:
- Fixed a crashing bug that occurred when a user tried to update a movie with a blank title.
- Users who encountered the bug and were stuck with an app that wouldn’t open can now open it again. Blank titles will appear as (00 blank 00). They will need to be changed to their correct titles manually by the user.

Version 1.1.1:
- Lowercase titles now appear in the correct uppercase header sections
- Email us for feedback added to the Settings tab
- Removed alert after Save for quicker scanning
- Badges now show count per section
- Fixed incorrect spelling of genre Independent
- Fixed a crash that occurs when the device locked on an alert
- Now handles & symbol correctly
- Added more name filters
- Fixed a problem where the Add Photo icon was allowed to upload
- Added Full Cover to the Info TableView
- Added more genres
- You can now change an image of a movie at any time

Version 1.1:
- Added shadows to tableviews
- Added more movie ratios
- Improved the titles from Google Base
- Fixed a problem with the badges not disappearing when having 0 items
- Fixed a problem where the badges didn’t show up on Wishlist on load
- Email button no longer works when you don’t have anything in your Wishlist
- Fixed a problem where deleting an item from your collection wouldn’t delete the pictures associated with it
- Search results now display properly after an item has been edited from them
- Crash help dialog no longer says “Beta Tester”
- You can now change the title of a movie on your local movie collection
- Fixed some bugs for iPod Touch users due to their lack of camera
- You can now search movies by length
- Fixed a bug that occurred when you scanned in an item that’s already in your catalog
- You can now order your wishlist and preorders by date or name – Fixed some memory leaks
- Fixed an issue where if a Google Base image gave a 404, the Add Photo image wouldn’t appear
- Fixed an issue that would show a “No image” image when “Add Photo” should have been shown
- You can now choose to have titles displayed as “, The” and “, A”
- You can now scan in the title of a movie on the Wishlist/Preorder section
- You can now select preset Studios, Packagings, and Size or enter an unlisted one
- Added an index and headers on search results
- Added some TV Ratings
- Major performance enhancements with scrolling and navigation
- Apostrophes in titles are now handled

Grab it here: iTunes Link


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